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30, 40 horsepower VFD, ACS580-01-052A-4, Variable Frequency Drive

30, 40 horsepower VFD, ACS580-01-052A-4, Variable Frequency Drive


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Compact alternating current drives for a variety of applications, including pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, and mixers. Embedded adaptive programming for ease of integration into automated systems. Achieves versatility in its differing applications and has capability of functioning in AC induction for PM motors and in many areas in the commercial industry.

  • Phase: 3
  • .75-500 HP Range
  • Reliable and Safe
  • Sensorless Vector Control


The ACS580-01 is plug-in ready to control your compressors, conveyors, pumps, extruders, centrifuges, mixers, fans, and many other variable and constant torque applications. These VFDs are ideal for a variety of light industries, including food and beverage, plastic, textile, material handling, and agriculture. All essential features are built-in as standard, simplifying drive selection, and making additional hardware unnecessary.

  • AC Drive
  • Built for Harsh Conditions
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • IP55
  • Can Use for Commercial Applications

Easy to Program VFD

Versatile and straightforward settings menu and assistants enable fast setup, commissioning, use and maintenance, while rugged and robust design makes it a good fit for various environments. With the ACS580 drives, you can easily take full control of your processes to comprehensively manage your plant. The wall-mounted ACS580-01 comes in IP21 enclosure as standard. Also, IP55 and flange mounting units are available.

Scalable VFD with Flexible Fieldbus Communication Options

Optional Fieldbus adaptors enable connectivity with all major automation networks. The ACS580 is a perfect match for not only simple applications, but also for applications where sophisticated speed and torque control are needed.

Reliable Variable Frequency Drive with Self-Diagnostics

Drive composer tool PC for start-up, configuration, monitoring, and process tuning is included as a standard. The PC tool is connected to the drive’s control panel via a USB interface.  Design features like coated circuit boards, maximized airflow through the control board section, earth fault protection, and 104˚F ambient temperature make the ACS580 an easy choice.

Smart VFD with Adaptive Programming and Remote Monitoring

Adaptive programming is ideal for creating custom programs for various applications. It does not require expertise in programming. With a built-in web server and stand-alone data logger, NETA-21 modules enables worldwide and secure access to your drives.

ACS580 ABB VFD is Easy to Install, Commission, and Use

Built-in features such as the EMC filter, swinging choke, a Modbus RTU fieldbus interface and safe torque off functionality simplify drive selection, installation, and use. The control panel’s straightforward primary setting menu with assistants help you set up the drive quickly and effectively.

Keep Your System Running Smoothly

ACS580 drives are designed for customers who value reliability, high quality, and robustness in their applications. Product features, such as coated boards and compact UL Type 12 (IP55) enclosure, make the ACS580 suitable for harsh conditions. Additionally, all ACS580 drives and their protective functions are thoroughly tested for performance at maximum temperature with nominal loads.

VFD for Cost Savings and Efficiency

When you think of VFDs, you likely think of energy savings – and rightly so. Energy savings alone can easily justify the cost of a VFD, even on small applications that traditionally use starters. Just by up-grading from constant to variable speed, you can create energy savings of up to 50%. Add to that the ability to track the savings, in both energy and dollars, so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your system, and adjust accordingly for even more savings.

When your processes runs more efficiently, the result is not only energy savings, but minimized wear and tear on your mechanical equipment, and overall process efficiencies, which results in financial savings.

The ACS580 design helps to contain costs as well. Because all the essential features, including Safe Torque Off (STO), are integrated into the ACS580, the amount of equipment that needs to be installed, commissioned, and maintained is less.

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