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PR 4225 Universal f/l-f/f Converter

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PR 4225 Universal f/l-f/f Converter

Frequency converters are useful for protecting rotating machinery by monitoring critical speed, over speed, and under speed. Commonly used with synchronous motors that turn or vibrate, frequency converters can also match new speed sensors to original units and control process temperature, pressure, or flow without the use of a separate controller.

  • Accuracy < 0.06% / span
  • Temperature coefficient 0.006% / °C
  • Response time < 30 ms
  • 2.3 kVAC, 3-port galvanic isolation
  • NAMUR NE21 and NE43


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  • Measures frequencies up to 100 kHz
  • Active and passive current output ±23 mA / 0…23 mA
  • Buffered voltage output ±10 VDC
  • Linearization: Linear or square root function
  • 2-point process calibration
  • Programmable trigger levels -0.05…6.5 V
  • Programmable sensor supply 5…17 V
  • NAMUR sensor error detection
  • Advanced configurable input limits for increased safety
  • Digital output: NPN & PNP; 0…100 kHz with programmable logic level 5…24 V
  • Output relay with windows, setpoint and latch functionality
  • Simulation of process value during commissioning and maintenance
  • All terminals are over-voltage protected (24 VDC), polarity protected and short-circuit protected

Easy Programming, Numerous Input and Output Options

  • Configuration, monitoring and diagnostics using the PR 4500 detachable communication interfaces.
  • Product-specific functionality includes communication via Modbus and Bluetooth using our PR Process Supervisor (PPS) application, available for iOS and Android.
  • All programming can be password protected.
  • Scrolling help text in 7 languages.

DIN Rail Mounting, Easy Installation for Retrofits

  • Units can be mounted side by side, horizontally and vertically, without air gap on a standard DIN rail – even at 140°F ambient temperature.