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PR 4512 Bluetooth Communicator, Now with Save and Load Feature

  • 4512 Bluetooth communicator can now save configurations on your phone or tablet to be used later
  • PPS 3.1.7 update with Save and Load features and more
  • More functionality has been added to PPS in the 3.1.7 update

This is the introduction to the new Save and Load feature available with the latest update for the 4512 Bluetooth Communicator by PR Electronics, which works just like using the Memory Functions on the display; “Save” and “Load” features. A colleague or a customer can now share a 4000/9000 configuration effortlessly via email, iCloud, Google Drive, and so on, or save it on their own smartphone or tablet locally for later use. All you need is a smartphone or tablet with the PPS app installed and a 4512 on your 4000/9000 device.

Output of the “Save” Function for PR 4512 from PR Electronics

(note: XXXX is the specific device number of the 4000/9000 device)

When pressing Save in the PPS app 2 files are generated:

  • XXXX_config.PReset which includes all necessary configuration data to configure a similar host device
  • XXXX_config_doc.csv which is a file with translated values and removed non-used parameters to improve readability without needing a device specific modbus manual to understand

The XXXX_config.PReset file is the config file that can be used to load the same config into a similar 4000 or 9000 device. It can also be imported into PReset (10.00.1001 or newer), just like when importing a data-log into PReset.

And thats’ it. Press on “Load” and browse the files directories on the smart device, select the XXXX_config.PReset file for the similar host device and it will be configured.

New Features with Update

  • 4116, 4131 and 9116 relay indication displayed on a graph in summary view
  • 4116, 4131 and 9116 relay history indication displayed on a graph when downloading a data-log
  • Android now notifies the user if the connection is too bad for communication

Bug Fixes with Update

  • Devices should not be allowed to change configuration via PPS while data-logging is enabled
  • 4184: Should not allow configuration parameters in “Configure Page” that would result in a Config Error
  • 4184: User Calibration of POTM values are corrected
  • 4xxx: Problems when inverting the Display Values have been corrected
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