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OLED Display for Nivelco MultiCONT Controller

OLED Display for Nivelco MultiCONT Controller

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Nivelco USA’s MultiCONT Multiple Process Controller is a state-of-the-art unit capable of up to 15 (standard) or 4 (Ex ia) channels.  Designed to interface between Nivelco’s HART(r)-capable transmitters and your existing control system, it is also capable of complex control tasks on its own.  HART output comes standard, and it can be ordered with up to 5 relay outputs.  The option Datalogger feature stores information on internal Flash memory or an SD memory card.

Until now, the IP65 MultiCONT enclosure was available with only a 128×64 pixel dot-matrix LCD display.  Nivelco has announced the availability of OLED display as well for their MultiCONT multichannel process controller.  This new display offers significantly improved reading and visibility in lower light conditions, as are often found in plants and pumping stations.

Ask us for details about placing Nivelco’s level, temperature, analytical and other transmitters in your process – and the MultiCONT controller to compile these into a single signal.

  • EchoTREK / EasyTREK – 2- or 4-wire ultrasonic level transmitters
  • MicroTREK – 2-wire guided microwave level transmitters (max. 8 pcs. standard or max. 2 pcs. Ex ia version unit can be connected into one loop)
  • NIVOTRACK – 2-wire magnetostrictive level transmitters
  • NIVOPRESS – 2-wire hydrostatic level transmitters
  • THERMOCONT – 2-wire temperature transmitters
  • THERMOPOINT – 2-wire multipoint temp. transmitters
  • AnaCONT – 2-wire liquid analytical transmitters
  • NIVOCAP – 2-wire capacitive level transmitters
  • PiloTREK – Non-contact microwave level transmitters

Process Solutions is a proud partner with Nivelco USA.  Click this link for the product website.

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