Catalytic treatment of volatile organic compounds

September 18, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Jean-Francois Lamonier, a lecturer/researcher at the University of Lille, is an expert in the the catalytic treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  He leads the ‘Remediation and Catalytic Materials’ (REMCAT) research team in the Laboratory of Catalysis and Solid State Chemistry (UCCS), which specializes in the catalytic removal of atmospheric pollutants emitted by both fixed … Read More

5 Crucial Elements for Effective IIoT Implentation

September 11, 2019By Daniel PregrassoRed Lion News

Introduction Many technological advances have been made over the past two decades. Of these, industrial networking and mobile computing continue to impact manufacturing and industrial environments. These are the technologies that are helping to make the vision of concepts like the “Connected Factory”, “Industry 4.0” and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) a reality for manufacturers … Read More

6 old ways to generate vapor versus 1 new way!

September 9, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Generating vapor is a perfect example of how technology development in one are can benefit multiple industries. By combing the accuracy and digital performance of modern mass flow metering and control technology, alongside temperature control you can control the properties of vapor as never before. Vapor production has always been a necessary, but complex and … Read More

Controlled CO2 supply for algae cultivation

September 5, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Our guest blogger is Dr Jornt Spit. He’s a researcher at the Radius research group at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences in Belgium, and has a background in biochemistry and biotechnology. The Radius researchers are working on renewable biomass, involving the cultivation of algae and insects that are then processed into valuable raw materials … Read More

No Water, No Life – No Blue – No Green.

September 4, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

• Cape Town, South Africa, working around the clock to complete massive desalination plants, faces the imminent threat of its four million taps running dry. Nearby towns have water only on two “wash days” a week. • Sixty percent of India’s aquifers will be in critical condition within 20 years because farmers are drilling wells … Read More

Gas, Vapor and Pressure Control for Catalytic Converter Testing

August 26, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Umicore is one of the world’s leading producers of catalysts used in automotive emission systems. The company develops and manufactures high performing catalysts for, among other things, gasoline and diesel engines to transform pollutants into harmless gases, resulting in cleaner air. Umicore’s production location in Suzhou “Umicore Technical Materials” is using Bronkhorst Mass Flow Controllers … Read More

Flow Metering in Water Abstraction Applications

August 14, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Improving water resource management through accurate measurement in water abstraction applications Measurement made easy Introduction The need to manage water supplies more carefully has led to the introduction of water abstraction controls in many parts of the world. These controls can apply to applications where water is being drawn for purposes such as drinking water, … Read More

Clarity; Filters for Mass Flow Meters

August 12, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

One of my favorite phrases is “buy cheap, buy twice”. This is never more apparent than when purchasing new flow meters or looking at ways to protect existing ones if necessary. There are various accessories that you can add-on flow meters. With mass flow meters and controllers, the accessory of choice often is a communication … Read More