New RC Systems Alarm Controller

July 15, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Meet the all new ViewSmart 1600+Made from our proven ViewSmart 1600Controller and combined with the unmatchable technology of our ViewSmart 6400 Controller. With the latest technology, the ViewSmart 1600+ gives customers everything they need in a compact and cost saving solution. Features: Ethernet with Modbus® TCP Master/Slave and Web Server for Convenient Remote Configuration and … Read More

Use of Mass Flow Meters in the automotive industry

July 15, 2019By Daniel PregrassoBronkhorst News

The automotive industry is the biggest industry in the world. Some quick facts: Approximately 99 million motor vehicles are produced per year (source: European Automobile Manufacturers Association) The worlds largest car-producing countries are China, Japan, Germany, India and South Korea (2017) There is a large discrepancy in the average annual distance traveled by car between … Read More

Case Study: Glenelg Treatment Plant

July 10, 2019By Daniel PregrassoABB News

A measured response The Glenelg wastewater treatment plant in southwest Adelaide provides a reliable and secure wastewater service to 200,000 people in the local area. Delivering 3.8 billion liters of reused water for recreation and commercial purposes every year, the plant needs the most reliable, accurate and robust analytical instruments to ensure wastewater is safe … Read More

A helicopter view of the global water industry

July 2, 2019By Daniel PregrassoABB News

ABB sat down to speak with Peter White, WBCSD’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, to give his views on the challenges and oppurtunities in the water industry today. Below is their conversation: What are the main challenges facing water companies today and over the next few years? Peter White: On the global level, the … Read More

El-Flow® Prestige, Ground-Breaking Flow Meters.

July 2, 2019By Daniel PregrassoBronkhorst News

EL-FLOW® Prestige, the latest generation thermal mass flow meters and controllers for gases, represents a truly ground-breaking shift in versatility and user-friendliness. Its principal customer benefits are based upon further advance in flow-signal processing and a highly stable flow control regime that is virtually impervious to process fluctuations. EL-FLOW Prestige is equipped with an on-board gas conversion … Read More

Case Study: Level detection in dust collectors

June 20, 2019By Daniel PregrassoNivelco News

NIVOSWITCH vibrating fork level switches for solids The leading global manufacturer of extraction and filtration products, systems and services suitable for cleaning polluted indoor air, welding and cutting fumes, grinding dust and oil mist in the metalworking industry and removal of vehicle exhaust gases and tobacco smoke. Their Hungarian subsidiary the is a successful company … Read More

Core Sensors: Now offering hazardous location pressure transducers

June 19, 2019By Daniel PregrassoCore Sensors

Hazardous location pressure transducers are used in areas that require third party certifications to ensure that the sensor can operate safely.Core Sensors offers non-incendive and intrinsically safe pressure transducers certified by CSA. ANSI/UL 122701 Single Seal is available on select sensors for Canadian installations. These pressure transducers are ideal for applications including tank level (both … Read More

Lighting Protection Systems

June 17, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Lightning protection systems Surges – underestimated risk The function of a lighting protection system is to protect structures from fire or mechanical destruction and to prevent that the civilians in the buildings are injured or even killed. An overall lightning protection system consists of external lighting protection (lighting protection/earthing) and internal lightning protection (surge protection). … Read More