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signal isolation and signal condition for industrial processes and manufacturing

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7 product variants cover hundreds of applications

  • Universal supply voltage of 21.6…253 VAC / 19.2…300 VDC.
  • Universal input module for the connection of mA, V, Pt100, TC, lin. R and potentiometer.
  • 2-point process calibration.
  • 2-wire supply and reference for potentiometer measurements.
  • Universal programming by way of the display fronts 4501 / 4511, which recognize the module type in question
    and adapts the menu structure accordingly.
  • In the addition to the setpoint and window relay functions, the 4116 and 4131 feature a “latch” function for
    applications where alarms must be reset manually


Multilingual help texts

  • The menu is easily understandable as the scrolling help text guides the user through all the configuration steps.
  • The help texts are available in 7 language versions: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Danish.
  • All configuration options can be selected from the display front without the need of a PC, DIP-switches, jumpers or
    special tools.
  • The front programming units can be used to display process values and copy the configuration to other devices. At
    the same time, the display fronts provide access to the sophisticated, yet simple, menu structure.


5-year product guarantee

  • 2.3 kVAC galvanic isolation between input, supply, relays and analog output.
  • Sophisticated sensor error detection with alarm function by way of the relays or the analog output.
  • Process simulation by way of the relays or the analog output.
  • Password protection against unauthorized changes to the configuration.
  • 4114, 4116, 4179 and 4184 are suitable for SIL 2 applications (the built-in safety readback on the mA output must be actively selected in the menu).
  • • FM-approved for installation in Div. 2.
  • • The 4000 devices comply with NAMUR 21 (burst), NE43 (sensor error), LVD and UL 508.
  • • Optional internal CJC or CJC connector (accessory, PR type 5910) for 4114, 4116 and 4131.
PR 4116 Universal transmitter

PR 4116 Universal Transmitter

PR 4104 Universal uni-/bipolar signal transmitter

PR 4104 Universal uni-/bipolar signal transmitter

PR 4179 Universal AC / DC transmitter

PR 4179 Universal AC / DC transmitter