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J1939 Protocol Display Controllers

  • J1939 protocol display controllers are facing a shortage across the globe, causing some fleet equipment to go offline indefinitely.
  • Our automation controllers are natively equipped with SAE J1939 Protocol. They are in-stock and ready to ship to get your combustion engines and large machinery running in no time.
  • Our programmers and engineers, along with our HMI controller manufacturer, will support your operation to ensure a seamless transition and installation of your new J1939 display controller.

Combustion Engines and Large Machinery Shut Down Due to J1939 Part Shortages

Having to shut down equipment because you can’t find parts is as frustrating as it is expensive. With a part shortage in many industries across the globe, display controllers with J1939 Protocol have not been an exception. This can create a huge loss in revenue for your company, but what option do you have?

Many manufacturers of J1939 Protocol controllers are having widespread shortages and are offering lead times of up to 6 months or more. That amount of down time can critically threaten the livelihood of your company as well as all the customers that depend on your services. And it leaves you with little room for additional breakdowns and equipment loss. If this sounds familiar, Process Solutions Corp. has engineered a solution just for you! We can get your large combustion engines operating in just a few weeks’ time. 

SAE J1939 Protocol Display Controllers In Stock

Our HMI Controllers can be equipped with SAE J1939 protocol for seamless integration into your current combustion engine monitoring systems. Horner’s HMI Controllers come equipped with microchips that, with a simple software update, enables these controllers to operate with J1939 protocol.


Horner HMI controllers can monitor critical engine metrics such as fuel and exhaust systems in heavy duty trucks, tractors, etc. or control large equipment such as cranes or cement mixers. These controllers are in-stock controllers and will come pre-programmed to get your most valuable assets back into operation. Additionally, our controller packages are easy to install wherever your typical J1939 controller is mounted. They can provide the critical engine monitoring data required for advanced equipment to operate safely and reliably.

Order Our J1939 Protocol Controllers Today, We’ll Help You Get Running

“J1939 Protocol is widely used as the network of choice for mobile equipment and just about any application involving a diesel engine. The Horner OCS is one of the few industrial products that natively supports J1939 – unlocking a whole host of monitoring and control capabilities. In this live session, we’ll show you everything you need to know to use it on your next project. From backup generation, agriculture, marine, mobile equipment, or a host of other possibilities, we have your solution.”

Horner Automation

If you are having trouble keeping your equipment online and cannot find the J1939 controls that your equipment requires, then give us a call. Our engineering team will discuss your needs and provide an affordable, customizable controller that can get your equipment running again.

Our programming experts are well versed in multiple communication protocols and can provide the functionality you need to get your equipment back online. Paired with our controller manufacturer, we can provide an all-in-one, high-quality controller package with multiple models in-stock and ready to ship.

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