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FM and CSA Approvals for Nivelco Level Instruments

FM and CSA Approvals for Nivelco Level Instruments

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As a result of dedication and commitment of our professionals one of the flagships of the NIVELCO level transmitter family, the PiloTREK W-100 compact non-contact microwave radar, and NIVOTRACK M-500 series received FM (Factory Mutual) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approvals.

These instruments from NIVELCO meet the requirements of FM Class I, Division 1, Groups C or D, and Class I, Division 2, Groups C or D. The new approvals are valid for instruments with stainless steel antenna and explosion proof dual compartment aluminium housing.


PiloTREK W-100 is a compact microwave level transmitter distributed by Nivelco USA.  With a stainless steel horn and two-compartment housing, it is perfectly suited for measurement in large fuel tanks, as well as frac tanks or other oilfield applications.  See our PiloTREK page for more details.

NIVOTRACK M-500 is the highly accurate magnetostrictive level sensor.  Designed for custody-transfer applications, its FM and CSA approvals make it your best match for transferring liquid cargo at fuel terminals or docks.  More details are available at our NIVOTRACK page.

Full details on PiloTREK can be found in the FM17US0134X and FM17CA0074X certificates.  (Links to NivelcoUSA Website)

Full details on NIVOTRACK can be found in the FM16US0068X and FM16CA0037X certificates.  (Links to NivelcoUSA Website)

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