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FLUIDAT on the Net Online Flow and Physical Properties Calculations

FLUIDAT on the Net Online Flow and Physical Properties Calculations

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FLUIDAT is a collection of routines to calculate physical properties of gases and liquids, which are available by the FLUIDAT on the Net website.

FLUIDAT makes use of intrinsic fluid data like molecular mass, critical properties, boiling point and dipole momentum. Fluid properties can be calculated at a certain temperature and pressure. Also, properties of mixes consisting of up to 15 components can be derived. Over 1800 fluids are available in the FLUIDAT software, being  mainly hydrocarbons complemented with most well known inorganic fluids (gases) such as air, argon and helium. The search can be performed by chemical formula, by CAS Registry Number or by the name of the fluid.

Typical Functions of FLUIDAT

  • find fluids by name, formula or CAS-number
  • display intrinsic properties of fluids
  • calculation of fluid properties
  • vapour pressure line generation
  • gas and liquid conversion factors
  • orifice calculation for mass flow controllers
  • pressure drop across flow meters and filters
  • calculation of operating conditions for CEM or VDM vapour generation system
  • create / edit / save mixtures
  • Coriolis mass flow meter / controller sizing

Physical Properties

This program is not necessarily for users of Bronkhorst (mass) flow meters and controllers. Physical properties of liquids and gases that can be calculated are:

  • Density
  • Viscosity, both kinematic and dynamic
  • Specific heat at constant pressure (Cp) and constant volume (Cv)
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Boiling point
  • Vapor pressure curves
  • Molecular mass
  • Heat of vaporisation

Flow Calculations

This program offers the possibility to make a number of calculations related to Bronkhorst (mass) flow meters and controllers, for example the calculation of

  • Kv-values and orifice diameters for control valves
  • Pressure loss over partical filters for gases and gas mixtures
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