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Flow Control in Gas Chromatography

Reliable, sensitive, and selective high-resolution measurements within a reasonable time frame are among the expectations of a Gas Chromatography user. Being aware of the analytical market prospect, Bronkhorst has been developing innovative solutions for high quality flow control throughout the years to meet quality requests of gas chromatography (GC) manufacturers.

Bronkhorst flow controllers have a compact design, offering stable gas flow control, good reproducibility, and simple process integration. These features are very much desired for Gas Chromatography users. 


Reliable Gas Flow Instrumentation for Gas Chromatography

Most integrators need space saving solutions involving instruments with analogue or digital (bus) communication. Furthermore, customized compact modules, pre-tested for plug and play integration are required. Reliable instruments, able to guarantee low cost of ownership, are preferred.

Bronkhorst Flow Meters and Controllers

Flow Control for Gas Chromatography


Gas chromatography is a widely used analytical technique which allows the qualitative and quantitative characterization of a sample. Such sample is injected through a sample injector in a stream of carrier gas. The gas stream is controlled using a high accuracy mass flow controller such as the IQ+ FLOW series or FLEXI-FLOW Compact Series.

The sample to be analyzed will go through the stationary heated column where its components elute at different times. Analytes are then detected by a specific type of detector. Each component of the sample will generate a different peak, enabling sample’s constituents’ identification. The attained peaks also permit a quantitative analysis through the calculation of the peaks areas.

Chemical plants frequently use these analyzers to check process parameters in real time, thereby requiring faster run times. Such a requirement is hard to achieve because it is difficult to reach a good balance between faster cycles while keeping acceptable levels of separation.

Bronkhorst Flow Regulators and Meters Designed for GC

Analysis becomes much faster if a higher flow rate is used, but by doing so, the separation between analytes will be less efficient. Therefore increasing flow rates may compromise the analyzer’s sensitivity. Bronkhorst has specially designed flow instrumentation at the request of Gas Chromatography system manufacturers. The resulting flow meter and controllers (regulators) are compact in size, yet powerful, offering high precision and accuracy along with industry leading repeatability.


Bronkhorst FLEXI-FLOW Instrument for Pressure and Flow Measurement and Control

The FLEXI-FLOW features a new concept of measuring mass flow and pressure is based on a technology called TCS, Through Chip Sensor. This new sensor exists of a capillary tube made with MEMS technology and combines the best of two worlds; a fast and stable flow sensor applied in our proven bypass construction for a reliable and highly accurate flow measurement.

The FLEXI-FLOW truly is flexible to use and can both measure and control mass flow and pressure in one instrument. This gas flow controller is one of the most compact ones in our product portfolio. It allows users to save space in their system and a reduction of weight and was designed specially with analytical and research labs in mind.


Bronkhorst IQ+FLOW, Ultra Compact Pressure and Flow Meter and Controller

Bronkhorst has developed the IQ+FLOW mass flow sensor, which uses micro solid state technology (MEMS) that reduces the footprint dimension to 0.75″, or half of conventional mass flow meters. The IQ+FLOW offers ultra compact flow and pressure meters and controllers.

  • Lowest range 0.2…10 mln/min
  • Highest range 0.1…5 ln/min
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