How an ABB Magmeter can Accurately Measure

February 13, 2020By Daniel PregrassoFlow, Water/Wastewater

Integrating Flow and Pressure Measurement with an ABB Magmeter Improved network management through real-time data and enhanced network pressure control Measurement Made Easy The pressures of supplying a growing global population mean that the world’s water supplies need to be managed more closely than ever. Estimates from the United Nations point to a 50 percent … Read More

How a Watermaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter Optimizes Industrial Water Use

January 14, 2020By Daniel PregrassoFlow, Water/Wastewater

Enhancing accountability by using ABB’s WaterMaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter Improving understanding of sitewide water usage in industrial applications through an accurate flow measurement with a Watermaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter. Introduction For companies to identify their water footprint and find ways to improve it requires a detailed understanding of their consumption, including any areas where water may be … Read More

Why the WaterMaster is a Perfect Fit For all Water Industry Applications

September 16, 2019By Daniel PregrassoAnalytical, Water/Wastewater

What is the WaterMaster? The WaterMaster is an Electromagnetic flow meter or commonly referred to as a ‘magmeters’ in the field. Read our last post to better understand what an electromagnetic flow meter is.  When you are aiming for the highest levels of efficiency and process, reliable and accurate instrumentation is required. The WaterMaster is … Read More

Flow Metering in Water Abstraction Applications

August 14, 2019By Daniel PregrassoAnalytical, Flow, Water/Wastewater

Improving water resource management through accurate measurement in water abstraction applications Measurement made easy Introduction The need to manage water supplies more carefully has led to the introduction of water abstraction controls in many parts of the world. These controls can apply to applications where water is being drawn for purposes such as drinking water, … Read More

Case Study: Atakoy

August 5, 2019By Daniel PregrassoWater/Wastewater

Expanding Turkey’s wastewater treatment capability cost-effectively was a priority for ISKI. This high-profile project was an opportunity to set the standard for Turkey’s expanding wastewater infrastructure.  Cleaning up As the largest public utility in Turkey, the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration, ISKI, is responsible for supplying clean water to and treating wastewater for, many of … Read More

As Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh city grows the need for sustainable fix for water leakage increases

July 17, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized, Water/Wastewater

ABB digital control and monitoring technologies strengthen Ho Chi Minh City’s aging water distribution system. If the 1.5 million motorbikes that cram the streets of Ho Chi Minh City everyday queued one behind the other, they would still cover less than one tenth of the local water distribution network, which serves more than eight million … Read More