Accurate Dosing Of Release Agent

Have you ever seen cars with a nice ‘leather look’ dashboard? One of our customers in the automotive industry manufacturers these ‘skins’ that look like leather. These ‘skins’ are produced by spraying liquid – colored polyurethane – into moulds. To allow an easy skin release from the mould, a release agent must be applied onto the mould surface. The amount of release agent is essential in this respect and must be perfectly dosed as it determines the quality and look & feel of the product. The ‘skin’ will remain adhered to the mould when too little agent is applied, whereas

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An application note about using our Kayden switch for pump monitoring and protection

What is needed in this situation? A rugged and reliable means for pump protection and monitoring. The pump (motor) when the inlet is dry / empty. Then automatically re-start the pump when the flow of the process material is restored. There is also a need for an alarm when blockages occur in the pipeline. Another need is to react to changes in the flow rate & temperature if desired. What is the problem? It is difficult to find one device that can be configured for a wide variety of flow conditions and will not require frequent maintenance To perform well

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