Understand Pressure Transducer Temperature Specifications.

December 17, 2020By Daniel PregrassoPressure

A common concern when selecting a pressure transducer is the performance in various temperature conditions. Temperature is an important specification, as it has a direct effect on the accuracy of the transducer. Significant errors in the pressure readings or complete failure of the transducer are possible if installed in an environment that is outside the … Read More

Liquid supply using a pressure vessel

March 17, 2020By Daniel PregrassoFlow, Pressure

In the world of flow control & measurement, we distinguish between ‘low flows’ and ‘high flows’. But what does this really mean? At Bronkhorst, we supply flow meters and controllers in the ‘low flow’ range. Do you know what ‘low flow’ means? In our blog series, we explain the difference and share our tips & … Read More

Core Sensors: Now offering hazardous location pressure transducers

June 19, 2019By Daniel PregrassoPressure

Hazardous location pressure transducers are used in areas that require third party certifications to ensure that the sensor can operate safely.Core Sensors offers non-incendive and intrinsically safe pressure transducers certified by CSA. ANSI/UL 122701 Single Seal is available on select sensors for Canadian installations. These pressure transducers are ideal for applications including tank level (both … Read More

Compound Pressure Transducers

May 30, 2019By Daniel PregrassoPressure

In a compound pressure transducer, the sensor is zero-referenced to atmospheric pressure. In other words, the transducer has been calibrated to provide the zero-pressure output value at full vacuum range of -14.7 PSI (or -1 bar). Typically this is offered for low and medium pressure range, gauge referenced transducers (vented or sealed). It is possible … Read More

BI-Directional Pressure Transducers For Vapor Recovery

May 30, 2019By Daniel PregrassoPressure

Pressure Transducers for Vapor Recovery Core Sensors offers a variety of high quality bi-directional pressure transducers for use in low pressure vapor recovery operations. Unlike a unidirectional pressure transducer that can measure pressures from zero ti a defined positive pressure (i.e. 0 to 70mBar), bi-directional pressure transducers measure both positive and negative pressure (i.e. -70mBar … Read More