Customer Story: Electrical noise generated by other analog signals and automation equipment is not an issue we have to deal with

May 20, 2019By Daniel PregrassoPR Electronics News

Cool Clean Technologies, a US-based OEM manufacturer of CO2 technology systems, chose the PR 3331 temperature converter for many of its cleaning solutions – the main reasons: greater channel density, EMC performance and easy configuration. Cool Clean Technologies is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of CO2 technology systems. Their CO2 technology is … Read More

Customer Story: Stable and accurate temperature signal readings in natural gas compressors with heavy engine vibration

May 20, 2019By Daniel PregrassoPR Electronics News

An Italian manufacturer of natural gas compressors selected the PR 5333D transmitter for its compressor engines because of the transmitter’s ability to deliver high quality temperature readings in an ATEX area with heavy vibration… CUSTOMER STORY Safe S.p.A. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of natural gas compression solutions for commercial and industrial applications. … Read More

The 4179 Universal AC/DC Transmitter

April 5, 2019By Daniel PregrassoPR Electronics News

In all aspects of the design, PR electronics has focused on the multi functionality of the 4000 series. Therefore, the six product variants cover hundreds of applications, resulting in reduced stock as well as increased flexibility and competitiveness. Signal conditioning spare part inventories are a necessary part of running a manufacturing process. Many factory managers … Read More

The New 5437 Temperature Transmitter: The Next Generation.

April 2, 2019By Daniel PregrassoPR Electronics News

New 5437 Temperature Transmitter The Next Generation… Redefining the head mount temperature transmitter The 5437, setting the new standard for head mount transmitters More Accurate More Stable More Flexible Faster More Approvals Full SIL Assessment Superior Specification Ultimate performance The 5437 has been designed to ensure maximum performance and to satisfy the most demanding of … Read More

PR Electronics introduces the PR 5437 – A true dual input 2-wire HART temperature transmitter

May 4, 2018By David KaletaPR Electronics News

Setting the benchmark for performance and flexibility, the new PR 5437 features a unique high-density 7-terminal design, providing the widest selection of dual-sensor input combinations on the market. From 2 x 4-wire RTDs to potentiometer inputs, there is no longer any compromise on sensor types. The new PR 5437 allows customers to protect high-integrity process … Read More