Horner: Oil and Gas Industry

May 31, 2019By Daniel PregrassoHorner News

Integrated Oil and Gas Control Systems The Oil and Gas industry has evolved over time to handle increased demand as technology advances and efficiency becomes a high priority. Oil and gas control systems require trusted process control, flexible and scalable integration into existing systems, and the ability to store and communicate several data points digitally … Read More

Large & In Charge: The Horner EXL10 OCS Controller

July 12, 2018By Clay HarrymanHorner News

The EXL10 OCS Controller is powerful, rugged, and the second-largest model (after the new XL+) in our popular XL line of products. With a 10” LCD TFT color graphics display, 5 function keys, 2 RS-232/485 ports, 1MB of application memory, and supported Online Programming Mode, the EXL10 is a premium choice benefitting most industrial applications. … Read More