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We offer an extensive product range of thermal, Coriolis, and ultrasonic flow meters and controllers for low flow rates of gases and liquids. Our flow meters and controllers are used for a variety of applications in laboratory, machinery, industrial and hazardous areas. We also develop customer specific low flow solutions, e.g. of multifunctional, pretested modules or skids for gas, liquid, or vapor flow control.


Our liquid and gas flow meters and controllers are specially designed by Bronkhorst for micro to (ultra) low mass flow rates. Our highly accurate flow measuring and control instrumentation is affordable and comes in a variety of configurations to fit most any application:

Coriolis flow meters and controllers are designed to be easily retrofitted where traditional thermal mass flow controllers are currently used. The CORI-FLOW Series of flow controllers have the same footprint and feature the same electrical options for analog and fieldbus communication. Compared to thermal mass flow controllers, Coriolis based flow controllers are more accurate, faster, and offer independence from fluid properties.

Unlike many other Coriolis flow meters on the market, the CORI-FLOW Series offers integrated PID control and close-coupled control valves or pumps, thus constituting very compact, cost and space-saving, precise Coriolis mass flow controllers for low flow liquid and gas regulation.

The mini CORI-FLOW Series are compact, cost-effective Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers that provide accurate measurement and control of (ultra) low flow rates. The unique design of the miniature Coriolis sensor features unsurpassed performance, even with changing operating conditions in pressure, temperature, density, conductivity, and viscosity.

The mini CORI-FLOW Series features state-of-the-art digital technology, offering fieldbus interface options and additional functions such as totalization and alarms. The instruments can be tuned according to customer requirements using the RS232/fieldbus interface and a number of free to use software tools.

The mini CORI-FLOW Ex d Series contains a uniquely shaped, single loop sensor tube, forming part of an oscillating system. When a fluid flows through the tube, Coriolis forces cause a variable phase shift, which is detected by sensors and fed into the integrally mounted pc-board. The resulting output signal is strictly proportional to the real mass flow rate. Coriolis mass flow measurement is fast, accurate and inherently bi-directional. The mini CORI-FLOW Ex d features density and temperature of the fluid as secondary outputs.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

We offer a wide product range of gas flow meters and gas flow controllers for low flow rates including numerous styles of both standard and built-to-order instrumentation. Our gas flow meters and gas flow controllers can be applied in laboratory, machinery, industry and hazardous areas, for flow ranges from 0.014 mln/min up to 11,000 m3n/h (N2-equivalent).

Gas properties vary with temperature and pressure changes. Our thermal mass flow meters and controllers use the actual measured temperature (and pressure if applicable) for the real-time on-board calculation of the fluid properties. For this reason, these mass flow meters and controllers have a database with gas properties embedded in the instrument (“Fluidat-On-Board”).

Our liquid flow meters and controllers for low flow ranges operate on a thermal, through-flow measuring principle and are equipped with a digital pc-board, featuring self-diagnostics, alarm and counter functions, digital communication (RS232), and a variety of Fieldbus options.

We offer many liquid flow meters and controllers that are specially designed for micro to (ultra) low mass flow rates, from 5 mg/h up to 1 kg/h.

  • Lowest range 0.25 … 5 g/h
  • Highest range 20 … 1000 g/h (for fluids with thermal properties similar to H2O)

Ultrasonic flow meters use the propagation of ultrasound waves inside a very small, straight sensor tube, without obstructions or dead spaces. At the outer surface of the sensor tube, multiple transducer discs are located, which create ultrasonic sound waves by radial oscillation.

These flow meters are capable of measuring the actual speed of sound, meaning that the technology is liquid independent and calibration per fluid is not necessary.

The CEM is a temperature controlled mixing and evaporation device used to create  vapor generation systems along with a (thermal or Coriolis) liquid flow controller, a gas mass flow controller for carrier gas. The system is suitable for mixing liquid flows of 1-1200 g/h resulting in saturated vapour flows of 50 mln/min up to 100 ln/min.

This vaporizer system is designed for low vapor flows, can handle low pressure, and is a great alternative to traditional bubbler evaporators, offering improved accuracy, repeatability, efficient liquid dosing, analytical tracking, and can instantaneously provide vapor of a mixture of liquids with different vapor pressures.

Mass Flow Online, from Bronkhorst, is an online shop for cost effective, high quality flow measurement and control instruments. Our online shop does not require customer specific advice or a quotation to provide easy access to certain instrumentation. Customers are able to directly order and pay online; ordered instruments are normally dispatched within two working days.

We also offer a limited diagnosis and repair service for some instruments. Before ordering this service, please arrange an RMA number. You will need to enter this RMA number with your order.

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  • mass flow meters, controllers, regulators, needle valves, constant flow controllers
  • various sensing technology including vortex, inductive, electromagnetic, and more
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Flow Process Controllers and Integrated Solutions

The PSC 6194 by Process Solutions Corp. is a mass flow controller featuring a color touch screen display which delivers a big picture into an overall small package. With its 4.3″ wide aspect screen and hidden soft key technology, you can use the entire screen to display and interact with up to 4 flow meters.

Operation of:

  • measured value
  • setpoint
  • fluid/tag number
  • alarm functions (min/max, response, counter)

The VAPOR-DEPO, or vapor deposition and evaporation process operator, uses flow meters and controllers along with a CEM mixer and vaporizer to atomize a liquid, which is then mixed with a carrier gas, heated, and transformed into vapor phase, which can then be used for precise, low flow liquid dosing. VAPOR-DEPO package includes:

  • control valve
  • CEM mixer, chamber, valve
  • heat exchanger
  • liquid flow meter with controls
  • gas flow controller
  • Control unit with GUI readout
  • Temperature sensors and controller

PSC 6000

Operation Controller​

The PSC6000_XL10 Operation Controller plugs you into the best conversation as silent as Modbus and allows you to modify as many preprogrammed parameters as you need, without the cumbersome hardware or additional software downloads.