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SIL (Safety Integrity Level) Part 1: Random Hardware Integrity

SIL achievement requires that the design of a safety function meets three specific criteria as outlined in the standard. This section will concentrate on number 1 – Random Hardware Integrity. What is functional safety? Functional safety is the active detection of potentially dangerous conditions, resulting in a demand for a

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Heat Exchanger Differentials

A Heat Exchanger plays an important role in many industrial processes from chemical plants to water treatment. Their role allows operation processes to run effectively and efficiently. Today we want to look at how to get the most out your operations that involve Heat exchangers. What is a Heat Exchanger?

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Vout vs temperature graph

Linearization of Temperature Measurements

Temperature is the most widely measured value in process control. Across a wide variety of industries from large-scale chemical manufacturing to small labs, accurate temperature measurement is relied upon to ensure such things as yields, quality, safety and compliance. The most common methods of measuring temperature in an industrial process

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Diagram of a Wire wound RTD

How do RTD Temperature Sensors Work?

The Fundamentals of RTD temperature sensors An RTD temperature sensor is a common device for temperature measurements in a wide range of industrial applications. In this article, we take a look at how they work, the most common types, and their advantages and disadvantages. The acronym “RTD” stands for “Resistance

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Customer Stories: Pentronic Temperature Sensors go “Hand in Hand” with PR Temperature Transmitters in Equipment all over the World

Pentronic values PR products ability to solve their customers problems and the quality and ease of use of PR devices Pentronics is a leading temperature sensor manufacturer located in Gunnebo in Sweden. The company develops, manufactures and sells thermocouples and Pt100 resistance thermometers (RTDs), cables and connectors, and also processes

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Customer Story: Electrical noise generated by other analog signals and automation equipment is not an issue we have to deal with

Cool Clean Technologies, a US-based OEM manufacturer of CO2 technology systems, chose the PR Electronic’s 3331 temperature converter for many of its cleaning solutions – the main reasons: greater channel density, EMC performance and easy configuration. Cool Clean Technologies is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of CO2

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Customer Story: Stable and accurate temperature signal readings in natural gas compressors with heavy engine vibration

A number of applications require signal conditioning devices to operate in extremely harsh environments – natural gas compressors with heavy engine vibration is one example… An Italian manufacturer of natural gas compressors selected the PR 5333D transmitter for its compressor engines because of the transmitter’s ability to deliver high quality

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