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PiloTREK Level Transmitter
lift station

Lift Station Measurement with the PiloTREK

A wastewater lift station can be a very essential part of wastewater treatment. A lift station is essentially a pumping station that moves wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. A big benefit of using a lift station is the amount of money saved from not having to

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A More Economical New Planar Antenna Versions In The Pilotrek Family

[siteorigin_widget class=”TTrust_Spacer”][/siteorigin_widget] GENERAL NIVELCO Process Control Co. is pleased to announce the launch of the new planar antenna version of the PiloTREK Pulse Radar Level Transmitter family These new versions are the most affordable members of the PiloTREK range while maintaining the advantageous features of NIVELCO’s non-contact microwave radar transmitter

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Nivelco Level Transmitters and Switches: FM Approved

Nivelco has a line of the products that are FM approved. We wanted to show you which of the product line are FM approved. PiloTREK Pulse Burst Radar Level Transmitters The 25 GHz (K-band) PiloTREK Pulse Radars are regarded as the most progressive non-contact level transmitters of the industrial process

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OLED Display for Nivelco MultiCONT Controller

Nivelco USA’s MultiCONT Multiple Process Controller is a state-of-the-art unit capable of up to 15 (standard) or 4 (Ex ia) channels.  Designed to interface between Nivelco’s HART(r)-capable transmitters and your existing control system, it is also capable of complex control tasks on its own.  HART output comes standard, and it

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FM and CSA Approvals for Nivelco Level Instruments

As a result of dedication and commitment of our professionals one of the flagships of the NIVELCO level transmitter family, the PiloTREK W-100 compact non-contact microwave radar, and NIVOTRACK M-500 series received FM (Factory Mutual) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approvals. These instruments from NIVELCO meet the requirements of FM Class I,

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