AquaMaster4 electromagnetic flowmeter

For water distribution network and revenue metering applications.

The AquaMaster 4 has been designed to make measuring easier, it is a perfect fit for:

  • Water supply in district/zonal metering area
  • Revenue metering
  • Leak monitoring in district/zonal metering area
  • Survey and flow investigation

Potable water distribution network application needs and challenges.

The purpose of a water distribution network is to supply the users with water demanded and to supply this water with adequate pressure under various loading conditions. A municipal water supply system is subjected to a number of different loading conditions:

  • Peak daily demands, varying throughout a day
  • Critical load when pipes leak or burst
  • Fire extinguishing demands at different nodes

Factors that contribute to the growing water scarcity:

  • Growing population
  • Rapid urbanization and increase of per capita demand
  • impact of global warming

Utilities can increase their operational efficiency is by knowing accurately the load on the network

Continuous flow measurement is paramount to enable effective construction and calibration of network model. The flow data into and out of each zone provides utilities detailed understanding of per capita demand and over time information of growth demand and also leakage. To achieve all of this, the right choice of flowmeter technology and the sizing of it are very important as the meter needs to cope with- peak daily flows, seasonal demand and night flows into a DMA(District Metered Area) or into sub-divisions of a DMA. In addition to these, accuracy is another important requirement to enable precise revenue billing and to gather total leakage data.

What are the advantages of electromagnetic flow technology?

Due to its technical and economic advantages electromagnetic flowmeters have become the standard flow measurement technology within the water industry.

Why the AquaMaster 4 is Innovative, Evolutionary, and Inspirational?


AquaMaster 4 FEW400 magmeter electromagnetic flowmeter revenue metering

Invest smartly through 'single box' District Metered Areas (DMA)

Measurement of flow and pressure parameters are critical to optimize your water distribution network. The inbuilt logger functionality provides total flexibility – enabling data to be interrogated, in precise detail, during a period of interest,at even higher time resolution.

Increase confidence in your revenue billing

Accuracy of flow measurement is key for revenue billing. AquaMaster4 offers the widest flow range (up to R1000), highest accuracy (up to ±0.2% of reading ±0.5 mm/s) and long term stability.

Have confidence in our flow metersfrom the wet calibration

ABB's flow calibration facilities are certified by national independent accredited bodies/laboratories, which are linked by the 'International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation' (ILAC).

Receive early warnings for leaks or bursts– minimizing Non-Revenue Water (NRW)

Accurate flow and pressure measurement are essential for understanding non-revenue water in your network. AquaMaster4 with its unique reduced bore sensor enables water utilities to accurately measure flow and pressure at very low flow rates during night. This capability enables water utilities to separate leaks from consumption.

Class leading ‘fit and flow’ set-upwith unique ABB Velox mobile app

AquaMaster4 is the first transmitter to feature a contactless interface using industry standard Near Field Communication (NFC). The dedicated ABB Velox App, available for use with Android & Windows mobile devices, enables configuration changes to be easily made.

Achieve lowest total cost of ownership(TOTEX) over complete product lifecycle

A combination of up to 10 years of battery life, readily available off-the-shelf batteries, no need for special cables and dedicated mobile phone applications (ABB Velox) to increase staff productivity make the AquaMaster4 deliver the lowest TOTEX over complete product lifecycle

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