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A More Economical New Planar Antenna Versions In The Pilotrek Family

A More Economical New Planar Antenna Versions In The Pilotrek Family

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NIVELCO Process Control Co. is pleased to announce the launch of the new planar antenna version of the PiloTREK Pulse Radar Level Transmitter family

These new versions are the most affordable members of the PiloTREK range while maintaining the advantageous features of NIVELCO’s non-contact microwave radar transmitter family, and what is more, in some cases offering better parameters.

The new planar antenna type has a black PP integrated housing and is available with 10 m or 16 m measuring range. It has standard 4-20mA +HART® output, so can be used in HART® multidrop loops with the help of the MultiCONT multichannel process controller or in a system with a PC with our UNICOMM HART®-USB/Bluetooth®/RS485 modems. The operation of these level transmitters is exactly the same as of the other integrated types.

The planar antenna unit can be ordered with 2″ BSP and NPT process connections and has Ex ia versions as well


Planar antennas have been used for many years since they have a lot of advantages such as low-cost, conformity, and easy manufacturing. Microstrip antenna patch elements are the most common forms of printed antennas.

This new antenna is designed to provide good measuring range and dielectric performance at a great price. The integrated planar antenna is rated for electrically conductive or dielectric liquid products with a minimum of 1.9 relative dielectric constant. The WPP-1BO type features a 300mm upper dead zone and measuring range up to 16m. (The WPP-1A0 type measures up to 10 m.) The models with planar antenna are capable of handling a much greater detection range than the similarly priced K-band radar transmitters of the competitors.

Please note, the usable measurement range can be limited as in case of all radar systems by following circumstances.

For example, disturbed or wavy surface. foam or dense fog over the surface. or condensation on the antenna, as well as low dielectric constant of the measured medium.


  • The new planar antenna versions provide an excellent price/performance ratio ensuring reliable level measurement of various liquids at a very economical price.
  • It is the smallest sized PiloTREK radar making it easier placing it in process environments with limited space.
  • Up to 16m measuring range, significantly outperforming the competitors similar price category K-Brand radar transmitters
  • Narrower cone of sensing. Our Planar antenna radar features a 16-degree beam angle which is comparable with the sensing cone of the DN50 horn antenna type PiloTREK
  • Due to its build, the encapsulated planar antenna is less sensitive against build-up than horn-type antennas


The two mounting options of the planar antenna version are the 2″ process connection or the 1″ threaded neck on the top of the device offering the possibility to suspend it above the medium, a typical water/wastewater application


  • Housing, process connection, antenna enclosure: PP
  • O ring: EPDM


The typical market of the planar antenna PiloTREK is the water/wastewater industry but it can also be applied in small to large sized vessels in the chemical, Food/Beverage, Power generation and Pharmaceutical markets.


This new model version is already available for ordering. Shipping time is our standard shipping time. No brochure on the new PiloTREK version is available at the point of time communicating this News Line, it is in preparation.

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