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The New 5437 Temperature Transmitter: The Next Generation

The Next Generation…

Redefining the head mount temperature transmitter

The 5437, setting the new standard for head mount transmitters

  • More Accurate
  • More Stable
  • More Flexible
  • Faster
  • More Approvals
  • Full SIL Assessment

Superior Specification

Ultimate performance

The 5437 has been designed to ensure maximum performance and to satisfy the most demanding of our customers applications.

  • General Accuracy of +/-0.05% of span
  • Response time of 70 ms
  • Wider Ambient temperature range: -50oC…..85oC
  • Temperature coefficient of +/-0.005% of span / oC
  • Full assessment to SIL2/3 hardware and software for easy integration into safety instrumented systems
  • Linearization: Callender Van Dusen
  • Custom : Spline, Table, Polynomial

True Dual Sensor Input -No compromise on sensor type

With a unique high density 7 terminal design, the 5437 is capable of accepting up to 2 x 4 wire RTD inputs. (5337 only accepts 2 x 2 wire inputs RTD,TC,mV)

  • No compromise on sensor for highest accuracy applications
  • Wider range of applications
  • EgWikaT32 and Rosemount 644 only 2 x 3W

Dual sensor functions include:-

  • Redundancy
  • Differential
  • Average
  • Min/Max tracking

Sensor Redundancy

Improving process uptime and availability

The new 5437 includes a sensor redundancy function to reduce potential downtime due to sensor errors.


  • Seamless switch to backup sensor in case of failure
  • NE107 compliant alert via HART allowing maintenance to be scheduled on faulty sensor
  • Maintains process preventing downtime and potential loss of production or yield
  • Potential safety or environmental issues are avoided in the event of a sensor failure

Sensor Drift Detection

Maintaining process accuracy

The 5437 includes a sensor drift detection function to ensure accuracy and integrity of process values


  • User specifies acceptable sensor drift limits
  • NE107 compliant alert via HART and/or analogue output error can be selected to inform the user and to schedule maintenance
  • Ensures process is not influenced by inaccurate values potentially affecting yields or production quality

Process Optimization and Reporting

Improving process control and visibility

Dynamic variable mapping and runtime metering together with programmable sensor limits offer tighter process control, improved safety and traceability


  • Min / Max tracking records process extremes
  • Metering of ambient operating temperatures
  • Sensor average measurements
  • Scheduled maintenance is improved, saving costs
  • Process optimization through improved statistical data availability

Programmable Sensor Limits

Improved process control and visibility

The programmable sensor limits enable out of range sensor inputs and outputs to be identified and acted on.


  • Signals out of range inputs, sensor or process runaway
  • Can identify if process material has been exposed to over-temperatures

Specification Comparison vs Competitors

Competitor Comparison


  • Best in class specification

Runtime Metering

Improving traceability

Both electronics and sensor temperatures are metered including time spent in user defined ranges and tracking of Minimum and Maximum temperatures.


  • Ensures better process traceability
  • Improved visibility of process variations
  • Enables proactive maintenance or process adjustment

Diagnostics: NE107

Self monitoring and diagnosis of field devices

The 5437 is NE107 compliant, allowing users to take advantage of standardized error reporting and diagnostics

Design Optimization:

The 5437 optimizes design for ease of installation and troubleshooting

  • ¼” centre hole to accommodate wider selection of sensor/probe diameters eg spring loaded
  • Possibility to wire the transmitter from either the outside or inside of the captive screw terminals
  • Dual color status LED to NE44 (Heartbeat, Sensor and Functional errors)
  • 4-20mA test pins for loop current inspection
  • Hardware(jumper) setting of write protect and transmitter burnout

Future proof Concept:

In order for the 5437 to take advantage of emerging technologies, an expansion port is included for potential future peripherals and connectivity.

Configuration Options

  • PC with Looplink
  • PC with HART modem
  • Hand Held Communicator
  • DCS/PLC Field Device Management
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